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FREE masterclass: The Teacher's Voice

A free masterclass for yoga teachers, healers and space holders.

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The masterclass

Join me for this online free masterclass on Tuesday 11th April at 3:30pm BST. Please note that a recording will be made available to you if you can't make it live. In this one hour masterclass we will explore what makes each teacher's voice truly unique, and how you can use yours to reach your students and community in the best way. Who is this for? This masterclass will be of huge benefit to newer teachers and those who've been in the game longer, and are looking for some inspiration. Even if you are not currently teaching, or are not yet graduated from your TT, or even just thinking of training as a yoga teacher, this will also provide you with a lot of rich information and inspiration. If you are curious about how to better technically use your voice, be that to explore sound and chanting, or even just to better preserve your precious vocal cords for a full day's teaching, then this masterclass is for you. If you want to look at ways to diversify the language you use when giving cues and guiding students through sequences, instead of parroting stale and generic language from your TT, then this is for you. If you want to know how to better share yoga philosophy in class without worrying about 'getting it wrong' or having it feel like an awkward aside, this is definitely for you. If you feel stuck in your teaching, or like you're teaching by someone else's book, this masterclass will provide you with the inspiration to break out of that rut.

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