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The Kleshas


In yoga philosophy, the Kleshas are considered to be the 5 main obstacles you meet on the path to peace. They are: Avidya (ignorance) Asmita (egoism) Raga (attachment) Dvesha (avoidance) Abinivesha (fear of death) This course contains vinyasa flows each themed on the first four Kleshas and a journalling exercise for the fifth and final Klesha. If you have been practising yoga in the familiar and contemporary setting of a yoga studio, or via livestream or youtube, you are no doubt well versed in the physical practice of asana (poses), but might be wondering how that aspect links to the philosophy. Philosophy can be directly understood through the embodiment of asana, allowing you to experience a deep and sustained personal transformation through your yoga practice. NB this model of the Kleshas is rooted in Hindu tradition. The Buddhist model of the Kleshas identify six aspects, named different from those you see here.




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