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Hi, I'm Elle...

I'm a yoga teacher and holistic health coach. I truly believe that anyone and everyone can achieve healing, peace and happiness in a world that constantly seems to tell you otherwise. The wellness world can be a bit of a wild west at times, and I'm here to make it feel a bit simpler for you. I empower my clients and students to feel their best through yoga and holistic health coaching, and I write regularly about what wellbeing trends actually work, and most importantly, how to make them work for you, because if I've learnt one thing from my teaching and coaching, it's that one-size-fits-none. If you're new here, welcome! 

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"Elle is a warm and kind spirit who communicates emotionally, with humility and integrity.  Elle is down to earth and put simply, she encourages a practise which enables you to explore postures, trust your body and does not adopt a ‘one size fits all approach‘, making safer learning environment and joyful practise. She ensures inclusivity for all, whatever for your ability. I find it so calming and is helping me in everyday life- thank you for your support and encouragement. I am grateful for you for creating a sense of community and positivity, which extends far beyond what is brought to the mat."



Elle is a natural teacher and coach. I love that she tailored my coaching plan so carefully, taking in consideration every aspect of my life and then linking it all together. I am a firm believer that everything is connected, which is why her approach makes so much sense. My coaching session with Elle has encouraged me to create some positive changes in my life.



Elle’s yoga classes are so lovely and really accessible for all levels. Elle has a wonderful way of explaining a posture, a mudra, a flow or just even sharing her magical yogi knowledge! Whether you’re in a class, park or on zoom, her classes will leave you feeling super zen, peaceful and invigorated!


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