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The Teacher's Voice
A 5 part journey to find your voice.

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As a teacher, how are you using your voice? Are you aware of, and fully tapping into the immense power and potential that it has? Do you know the techniques to let your voice carry? How do you use language to communicate with your students, and is it consistent with your teaching values? Why do you teach, and more importantly, does your method of teaching align with that? Who is your voice reaching? What makes your voice unique? What makes what you do something only you can do? 

These are questions I have asked myself throughout my many years of teaching, and the answering of them was what made me truly confident and grounded in what I offer. It is my mission with this mentorship to help you do the same. Read on for more info and how to sign up. Spaces are limited...

Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for yoga teachers, wherever you are on your journey, be that a new teacher, one with more experience, thinking of coming back to teaching after a break, still in your teacher training, or even just thinking about doing one. Teachers and healers from similar modalities will also find huge benefits from this course.


What can I expect to get out of this 5 week journey?

Through this 5 week journey you will learn:

  • How to improve the tone and quality of your voice (in spoken teaching and chanting)

  • How to share yoga philosophy in a meaningful way

  • How to gain confidence in verbal cueing (and not parrot your TT cues)

  • How to thread 'poetry' through your teaching sequences 

  • How to find your WHY of teaching and share from an honest place, effortlessly attracting your most aligned students 

The Teacher's Voice
enrolment is now open

This is a 5 part course comprising video content, workbooks, homework exercises and optional, additional support from me. You keep the content for life.



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