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5 Days to Befriend Your Body

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Welcome to 5 Days to Befriend your Body; a foundation for any health journey, where you will cultivate body acceptance, a deeper sense of self-worth, appreciation and love. Trying to eat healthier and exercise in a body you don’t like is a bit like driving with the accelerator and the brake on at the same time. I’ve done this many times and can confirm it leads to suffering. I don’t want that for you. I’ve put together a FREE 5 day course for you: 5 days to befriend your body. This is my gift to you my love. Because I don’t want you to start the new year off thinking you were made wrong and need to be fixed or purified. Before you click onto yet another diet plan program, do this first. I promise you it won’t slow your progress in any way; it will give you a stronger foundation built on knowing your inherent worth, and anything is possible from there. In this course you’ll get: ✨a workbook to track your experience ✨a daily yoga asana practice ✨a daily meditation The content is based on my own experience with radical body acceptance through: ✨my ED recovery and the tools it taught me ✨skills learned in CBT ✨extensive knowledge of yoga ✨treating my own body as the temple


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