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Lost in Time: Staying true to Yoga in the 21st Century

A friend of mine recently shared with me the website of a new 'yoga' studio. Broga. Or 'Bro-Yoga', if you will. No I'm not kidding... see for yourself:

So how can you keep your Yoga practice authentic and contemplative, even whilst juggling a million and one other things? Well you can start by doing just that: being contemplative. When you walk into a Yoga class, you aren't just walking into group aerobics, where you stare fiercely, bee-line at yourself in the mirror (ever noticed that real yoga studios don't have mirrors?) and dodge being knocked out by some overly amped gym-goer, you're walking into a safe, communal space to be shared and practiced in; you're effectively doing a moving meditation as a group - no wonder people often leave a yoga class experiencing a kind of buzz. You don't have to chant OM with the teacher if you don't want, but then again, why not? There's nothing devotional or religious about this, merely the vibrations it releases have been shown to have a profound healing effect on a cellular level (anti-ageing, immunity boosting..? Oh I don't know, it's all airy-fairy hippy nonsense right..?!) You might even take a second to research the style of Yoga you have chosen to practice (there are so many!) Whether it's a highly respected and traditional brand such as that of B.K.S. Iyengar, or a more radical take such as Forrest (both brilliant), you can of course draw your own conclusions as to why you choose to practice the Yoga you do. Hey, maybe you can even justify Broga. At the end of the day, and as with everything in life, just make sure that it holds a meaning for you.

A real thing. From the very real Broga website...

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